Limo SEO – 5 Ways to Gain More Visitors to Your Website.

Limo SEO – 5 Ways to Gain More Visitors to Your Website.

  • By Neil
  • November 1, 2018

In today’s Internet Age, you have to be very active online in order to gain more clients. It is not enough that you have an official website where you can introduce your brand and put all your products or services for everyone in the world to see. But rather, you must make it search engine optimized or SEO.  For all limo and shuttle operator’s out there, here are practical and effective ways to drive more traffic to your website or make your site limo seo friendlier to search engines.

#1 Be there in all major social media networks.

Social media is the newest and hottest trend in online marketing. Just think about the billions of social media users all over the world. If you can reach out to them fast and easy, you’ll definitely gain more visitors who are most likely your prospect clients.
And, that’s not it. A large percentage of those who are active in social media are travelers, people who are spending their holiday or vacation or on a business trip in search of a limousine or shuttle for hire or for rent. So, as an operator, you have a great chance to reach out to them using the 10 most popular social media networks – Facebook, QQ, What’s App, QZone, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LinkedIn, Skype, Google+, and Instagram. You can also include Twitter and Tumblr on your list.

#2 Use and feature an online management software.

For the sake of convenience, travelers always prefer to deal with a limo or shuttle company that has online booking software. This is an online tool that gives them several booking options, whether an hourly trip to and from the airport or point to point transport through a limousine or a shuttle; informs them the amount to be paid so they can budget well; allows them to make a reservation or book directly; presents a variety of fast and secure ways to pay such as credit cards, PayPal, and more; and, sends them an email confirming their reservation or booking information and reminding them of their pickup schedule.
One highly recommended software is called Booking Tool. It’s complete in features, from basic to advanced, automated, and secure. Also, it has an online free demo.

#3 Advertise your offers online.

There are many different ways to market your shuttle or limousine business for hire on the Internet. You can try blogging, social media advertising, paid search, and display advertising.
Blogging is very simple yet it requires regular update to maintain the relevancy of your content. You just need to create a blog page or a separate blogging site dedicated to your transportation rental company. What you do is write as many quality and interesting articles on your blog that are directly or indirectly related to your business. Remember that many people use the Internet to search for an info so if they are directed towards your article and see your advertisement, they will most likely hire your taxi, limo, or shuttle for their trip.
Another very effective way to advertise is through your social media networks. You can market your limo or shuttle for rent business through the blog that’s linked to you social media or to the paid advertisement provided. Facebook, for instance, offers companies a paid advertisement on their pages.
By the name itself, your company will be displayed in display advertising. It’s usually done by contacting high ranking blogs or websites and asking them to display an ad about your car service rental business anywhere on their site.
When it comes to paid search, your offers will be marketed within a search engine or a partner website’s specific sponsored listings and pay them whenever someone clicks the advertisement about your company.

#4 Make your website mobile friendly.

Many companies have found that more people are making their buying decision on their mobile gadget. This includes mobile phones or Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. So, you have to make sure that your website is mobile responsive. It must be complete in all its features with the same appearance in whatever screen size or display.

#5 Utilize on-page search engine optimization.

Whatever you put in your website is searchable as long as they are in compliance with the standards set forth by search engines. That is why it’s very important to make them search engine optimized as much as possible, especially on-page SEO. Do not forget to put an alt text or a description of your images, include relevant internal and external links in your content, place title tags, insert shot and long tail keywords, and take advantage of meta descriptions.

If you really want to increase your website’s traffic or number of visitors and boost your sales, you have to start working on these tips now and make yourself updated of the latest in online marketing.