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Equipment Rental

About Equipment Rental Software

Our equipment rental software is a perfect fit to rent out your equipment on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Allow the customer to book individually selected equipment or create a pre-configured packaged deal. Having an intuitive and easy-to-use system for your customer is vital to help your company grow. With a simple and state-of-the-art shopping cart process that your customers will love!

Equipment rental software is a necessity in many industries. Below are just a few:

Included Equipment Rental Management Features

  1. 1Complete Booking Management: Take online equipment rental bookings and manage them from the back-end control panel.
  2. 2Instant Quotes: Provide instant quotes to your customers based on the prices that you have set.
  3. 3Payment Processing: Free real-time credit card processing gateway.
  4. 4Automated Emails and Text Messages: Automatically send your customer booking reminders and feedback emails.
  5. 5Web Analytics: Personalized, detailed reports of your online visitors.
  6. 6User Profiles: Customers can register register, create a profile, view past bookings, print/email invoices, and such like.
  7. 7Package Builder: Create a per-configured package of various equipment.
  8. 8Invoicing: Send invoices to your customers or allow them to download them on their own.
  9. 9Inventory Management: Manage your inventory and prevent overbookings.
  10. 10Integrated Google Maps: View all booked equipment on a Google Map.
  11. 11Discounts: Configure Coupon Codes, Corporate/VIP Discounts.
  12. 12Quick, Simple, Safe, and Secure to use.
  13. 13No hidden fees or contracts - EVER

Included Security Features

  1. 1Email Security: Secure Emails with DMARC, SPF, and DKIM protection.
  2. 2SSL Certificate: 256-bit SSL encryption on all web traffic.
  3. 3Encrypted all Data: All information is encrypted in the database and in transit.
  4. 4Security Protection: We run nightly security scans and a quarterly 3rd party ethical hack on the system to find any potential security flaws.
  5. 5Backups: Complete local and offsite backups.

How do I get started?

If you’re ready to get started, it’s quite simple: Preview our demo by clicking the button below and when you’re ready, submit the order form or give us a call. We’ll have you set up and going in no time!