Booking Tool was used to book Shuttle Reservations for the US Open – Gig Harbor

Booking Tool was used to book Shuttle Reservations for the US Open – Gig Harbor

  • By Neil
  • December 3, 2019

For the first time, the US Open was held in the Pacific Northwest – Chambers Bay, in the state of Washington. This golf course is ranked #1 in the state of Washington and #2 in the US. So, for a tournament like this, you would expect a nice public gathering.

Gig Harbor, Washington is a major tourist attraction and the US Open only exemplified that. So, for the US open they were expecting a more than normal crowd. With the closest parking lots to Gig Harbor being over 40 minutes away, the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Committee worked on how to keep the visitors, coming in from all over the world, in Gig Harbor. Offering a shuttle service from Gig Harbor to the US Open was the answer for their reservations. The Chamber wanted something affordable, reliable, & intuitive.

This is where Booking Tool comes in. The Chamber reviewed every major shuttle software that’s out on the market and have decided to use the Booking Tool for their reservation needs. As the Golf tournament wraps up this week, they have maxed out every shuttle for the week during the tournament and week prior to the tournament. One key feature of booking tool’s limousine and shuttle reservation system is the ability to keep a track of its fleet and number of seats used to prevent over booking. The shuttle module will keep an eye on the number of seats available so each shuttle will leave with max capacity, but will not over book. This is extremely important with today’s fuel prices.

The Chamber of Economic Development Committee placed its trust in the booking tool at a time when everything must go as planned. If booking tool was the preferred software for a worldwide event like this, then shouldn’t you consider using it for your local shuttle business as well?

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