5 Ways to cut the cost (but not service) for your limo business

5 Ways to cut the cost (but not service) for your limo business

  • By Neil
  • July 3, 2019

It’s no secret that a fleet of limousines are expensive to buy, maintain, insure, and keep up with so, of course, the costs of running a limousine business can start to add up. Savvy business owners are always looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining the same high levels of service to their clients as before. Here are four tips to keep your customers satisfied while increasing the profit margin. It’s a win/win for everyone.

1) Reduce Your Fleet Size

Do you need every limo in your fleet? If every limo is not regularly used, it might be possible to cut a few vehicles which could save you up to $5,000 a year and you’ll recoup additional costs in the sale price of the vehicle. While that does mean increased wear and tear on your new smaller fleet, just think of all the costs you can cut from just selling one vehicle – maintenance costs, repair costs, permits, and insurance, just to name a few.

2) Aim For Fuel Efficiency

While gas prices aren’t sky high like they used to be, it is still a significant cost for limo businesses. In the limos you do decide to keep, take a few steps to encourage fuel efficiency. These steps can include: changing the air flow sensors, checking the spark plugs, changing the air filters, regular oil changes, keeping the tire pressure maintained at optimum levels, and requiring your drivers to drive no faster than the speed limit.

3) Keep Your Fleet Maintained

Regular maintenance services can seem like a real drag on the checkbook, so it might be tempting to cut corners here and there, but keeping your fleet of limos up to snuff will decrease the likelihood of expensive breakdowns. Regular oil changes are especially important to make sure that your limo engines are running smoothly and fuel costs stay low.

4) Invest in Limo Software

This might seem counterproductive at first, but investing in limo booking software can decrease office costs. Cut down on the cost of administrative assistants by investing in limo software so your clients can book reservations online all the time. Consider the Limousine Software – Booking Tool, a low-cost monthly software option that works for limo companies of all sizes. Booking software like the Booking Tool can offer instant quotes, online reservations, payment processing, automated email updates, and more to your clients to keep them in the loop and keep your office staff free to do other tasks.