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Booking Tool provides shuttle and limo software to companies of all sizes

The Booking Tool is a premiere online limo software for companies of all sizes. Our unique customizable software is user friendly and comes with no hidden fees or contracts. Booking Tool's proprietary booking management software is a perfect fit for limo operators who need a powerful, yet simple and intuitive for both limo operators and website visitors. Everything that you see on our Online Demo is included in a low monthly price. We do not charge extra for any "add-ons" or "modules". With Booking Tool, you can easily take online reservations for airport, hourly, and point-to-point transportation 24 hours a day.

Is it secure enough for my business?

We take data security seriously! Booking Tool uses the highest level of AES 256-bit encryption (same technology used by financial institutions and the military) to secure all website traffic. Furthermore we also secure our system emails by implementing the use of password-protected PDF emails, as well as encrypt all data that's stored in our database. If your website uses a simple html form to take reservations, you could be exposing that information for the world to see. Our system ensures that during the booking process all of your customer's information remains secure from start to finish.

So, how does it work?

The Booking Tool does most of the work for you! All you would do is link over to our secure system. When a customer browses to your company's website and clicks on the reservation link, they would be forwarded to the booking tool. The system would then book a reservation based on the prices and fees which you have setup from the back end Control Panel. After the reservation is submitted, all of the customer's information gets sent to you in a secure email.
You don't want to forward your customers to a different website? No problem! You can always implement iFrames, so booking tool opens up inside your company's website.

How do I get started?

If you're ready to get started, it's quite simple: Preview our demo by clicking the link below and then when you're ready either submit the order form or give us a call at the number above. We'll have you set up and going in no time!

Online Demo

Included Limo Management Features:

Transportation Software image Complete Booking Management - Take online reservations for Airport, Hourly, & Point-To-Point transportation.
Booking Software Instant Quotes - Provide instant quotes to your customers based on the prices that you have set.
Payment Processing image Payment Processing - Free real-time credit card processing gateway with Merchant Warehouse or
limousine software Limo Software - Automated Emails - Automatically send you customer pickup email reminders and service feedback emails.
the booking Web Analytics - Personalized detailed reports of your online visitors.
booking software SMS/Text Messaging - Ability to SMS/Text the drivers from the system.
limo program User Profiles - Ability for customers to register, create a profile, view past reservations, print/email invoices, etc.
airport, hourly, point-to-point bookings Package Builder - Used in the Hourly Section to provide creative packaged details.
Airport Transportation Dispatching - Send trips directly to the driver via SMS Texting or Email.
limousine program Internet Faxing - Provides ability to fax invoices/receipts directly to the customer.
dispatch screen image Fleet Management - Support for multiple vehicles in your fleet.
reservation system image Integrated Bing maps - Display trip routes using Bing Maps.
limo image Discounts - Coupon Codes, Corporate/VIP Discounts.
online booking image Quick, Simple, Safe, & Secure to use.
software for limo companies No hidden fees or contracts - EVER

Included Security Features:

shuttle image Email Security - Receive the customer's information in a secure password-protected PDF email.
lincoln towncar SSL Certificate - 256-bit SSL encryption on all web traffic.
car service Encrypted Data on Database - All credit card information that's stored on the database is encrypted.
limo software We perform a yearly 3rd party ethical hack on the system to find any potential security flaws.
limos Complete local and offsite backups.

Testimonials from some Limousine Operators:

Here's what our customers are saying...
Shuttle SoftwareTerryl - College Shuttle Team
We wanted to just send a note and say thank you! Bookingtool has been amazing! We moved to Booking tool because of how simple it is to make a reservation for the customer and very simple for us make changes on the backend.
On top of the system being perfect, the staff is just amazing. We always get a response and things are put into action immediately. We are extremely satisfied with the system and look forward to a long term relationship. We are excited to see what new things will be added. Thanks for everything!
limousine service imageDean Athanas - Green Shuttle of Cape Cod
When I started my car service I wanted to find a system that would not require me to scale up my office staff as my business volumes increased. I saw a few key needs; 1) To be able to communicate, right up front, a calculated client pickup time, and an immediate confirmation sent to the client that included the pickup time. A booking process that was clean, intuitive and efficient. And something that would not cost me an arm and a leg.
The Booking Tool, and its founder, Neil Sorathia and his team, have more than delivered on this objective. Our frequent travelers simply have The Booking Tool in their favorites. They on line, we confirm their booking and show up to pick them up at the desired pickup time....NO phone calls at all, just incredible. Our annual sales growth has exceeded 30% and we have not added any staff .
limo software reservationJimmy Wright - 1 All American Limousine
Neil, this is a dream come true! My business has increased 50% after adding the booking tool for online reservations. I am without words! Thank You sooooo much! Booking Tool has been great!
limousine reservations imageJames Leehan - Buffalo Airport Limousine Service
My customers LOVE the system. We have recieved nothing but good feedback on the system.
We have at a minimum doubled our online bookings since changing from a simple form to this easy to navigate online booking system. Airport limo services need something as easy to use as this. If you are looking for something easy for customers and easy on the pocketbook, check this out.
airport limousine imageChris Curtis - Premier Limousine of Dayton
I called the client (since this was the first) to verify the info, he was very pleased with the limo software and was glad that I had it on my site. Turns out that he was sitting on his computer at work browsing party bus sites, when he checked mine and saw "on-line reservations" he clicked it... he didn't want to call on company time and risk being heard doing non-business work. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for by adding this to my site.
limo softwareMichael & Marlo Denning - Elegant Limousine of Palm Coast
We only had the site up for about 4 hours and already got an hourly reservation for the Excursion. This is great the website books jobs while we sleep.
We absolutely love this limousine system. I wish they created it sooner. Neil has been such a pleasure to deal with. My every request has been answered very promptly; he even answers his phone late at night and handles any questions we have. This limo software is very much user friendly and our clients and travel agents love it. It books reservations even while you sleep. Now that's awesome. Thank you The Booking Tool for making a limo program that works well for everyone. Keep up the great work.
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