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What Users Are Saying – Customer Testimonials

customer testimonialsWhat Users Are Saying
  • When I started my car service I wanted to find a “booking function” that would not require me to scale up my office staff as my business volumes increased. I saw a few key needs; 1) To be able to communicate, right up front, a calculated client pickup time, and an immediate confirmation sent to the client that included the pickup time…

    – Dean Athanas

  • We wanted to just send a note and say thank you! Bookingtool has been amazing! We moved to Booking tool because of how simple it is to make a reservation for the customer and very simple for us make changes on the backend.On top of the system being perfect, the staff is just amazing…

    – Terryl

  • Neil, this is a dream come true! My business has increased 50% after adding the booking tool for online reservations. I am without words! Thank You so much! Booking Tool has been great!

    – Jimmy Wright

  • My customers LOVE the system. We have recieved nothing but good feedback on this system.
    We have at a minimum doubled our online bookings since changing from a simple form to this easy to navigate online limo software. Airport car services need something as easy to use as this for online reservations. If you are looking for something easy for customers and easy on the pocketbook, check this out.

    – James Leehan

  • We only had the site up for about 4 hours and already got an hourly reservation for the Excursion. This is great the website books jobs while we sleep.
    We absolutely love this system. I wish they created it sooner. Neil has been such a pleasure to deal with. My every request has been answered very promptly; he even answers his phone late at night and handles any questions we have…

    – Michael & Marlo Denning

  • I just want to say the service from Neil is and was truly impressive, Neil will go above and beyond what I would consider ordinary. Your product is awesome as was the service. Thanks so very much for all your help Neil. I wish you nothing but true success with this software I know I will be a customer for life.

    – Ken Harned

  • I called the client (since this was the first) to verify the info, he was very pleased with the software and was glad that I had it on my site. Turns out that he was sitting on his computer at work browsing party bus sites, when he checked mine and saw “on-line reservations” he clicked it…

    – Chris Curtis